Farmer Wooden House Escape Game

Farmer Wooden House Escape
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You are here to ask farmers a lot of questions about what they do. And when you say a lot, you meant like almost fifty questions. You're very interested on what they do. And why they do the things they do. The city sheltered you from a lot of reality. So to lessen the ignorance of what's happening around you, you decided to know all that you can about them. Your father drove you to the location. He asked you for the last time if you're willing to go through all of this. And you confidently answered him "yes". Your father just sighed as he drove home while you're full of energy. You greeted the farmers like you were lifelong friends. Thankfully they were very friendly as well. You arrived there just after lunch so the farmers were still resting for a bit.

But after a few hours, you became tired from the long drive to get to the farm. So the farmers gave you a place to rest. Yet you made them promise to answer the rest of your questions. They just smiled at you as you slowly closed your eyes. After having slept for an hour, you woke up to find the place empty. You saw them all outside already working. So you went to the door but it can't be opened. Play Farmer Wooden House Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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