Farmer Rescue Country House Game

Farmer Rescue Country House

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The old man farmer said he'll come by at Robin's place so he can deliver the new produce which he will then sell to the village, but it had already been 2 hours though and the farmer was still nowhere to be found! Another 30 minutes passed and because Robin doesn't have nothing with him to sell and he won't have money to buy his family food, he finally want to the farm to see what's going-on and maybe the farmer needs some help. Well he was actually in need of help and the problem that the farmer has was not typical at all!

Robin expected to lift some heavy produce to town but instead, he heard the man scream for help! So that's why he didn't come, he was trying to escape from one of his barns for hours and when Robin arrived, he let go a sigh of relief. Of course Robin will help the guy for he experienced an accident, but he is going to need some help too though for Robin is not really good at rescuing things let alone a human and he knows it. Escape players, want to help Robin here on the rescue and see if you can give him a hand to rescue the old farmer?

Farmer Rescue Country House is the newest point and click farm rescue escape game from Ekey Games.

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