Farmer Field Escape Game

Farmer Field Escape

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Ricky's grandfather is a great farmer and he takes care of his farm well even though it is huge, as a result it becomes greener and gives-off high yields which he can sell then to the markets across the land. Ricky wanted to be a farmer too, at least not full-time, he just wants to know the secret of how his grandpa is doing this and so that day, he came to him and asked everything that he needs to know. Upon Ricky's questioning however he was only given one answer, he told his grandson to go and look around his farm and if he is open enough he'll find the answers there. Ricky was of course confused what his grandfather was talking about but he still did go, for what else can he do?

Ricky was looking around the farm and indeed it was huge, but that's the only thing he found-out and another thing too which wasn't at all good. Ricky just got lost in the farm and he took several paths to remedy this but that only led him being more lost in the place! He is definitely clueless of where to go now and soon it will be dark, which means he needs to hurry or he'll be lost in the corn. Escape players, come join Ricky here on his escape, find clues and anything which can lead you back to the farmhouse.

Farmer Field Escape is a brand new point and click fields escape game from Selfdefiant.

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