Farewell 2021 Escape

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The flower forest is the best place to be in when new year comes, that’s because there is a peak there where one can be and look at the fireworks in the city from the distance. Jared will go there for he wants to see the view later that night, he had already visited there in Christmas but he only saw a few. He plans to see a lot tonight, so late in the afternoon he already trekked there so he can get to the place before the sun completely sets. As he travels to the spot, he somehow came across a problem and it’s quite an issue and it will become bigger if not solved soon!

Jared just got lost along the way there! He doesn’t know where he made a mistake but clearly he did, for now the trail he is following should have already brought him where he should be, but as it seems it is only leading him deeper into this wilderness. Jared needs to stop and think here so he can make a plan. Escape players, want to help Jared here before he gets himself lost even more in this vast place? Help him find the path back then before night comes.

Farewell 2021 Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Farewell 2021 Escape

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