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Fantasy World

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A good sleep is what you need right now. You are so sleepy so you went straight to your bedroom to do that. Not for too long, you already reached your dream world. You are in a quite amazing place in your dream. You did so many things in there like jump in the trampoline and just float around. This is the world in your fantasy because you can control everything. There is just one thing that you can't control and that is to wake up from your dream. You are having fun in your fantasy world when you heard your alarm rang. You know that you have to leave this dream and go to the real world. However, that is not a thing that you can do easily. There are puzzles in your fantasy world that you need to solve before you can finally escape.

With that, you have to use your logic even if you are asleep. The good news is, there are clues that can help you to solve those puzzles. There are also items that you can pick up and use for your escape plan. Play this outdoor escape game by First Escape Games and escape from the Fantasy World. Good luck!

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  1. Date: September 11, 2018
    Author: al
    First of all, I logged in to comment, and it reloaded to another page and I lost game progress. What! Second, how does the back of the paper in any way make that number code? I had to go to walk through and see what that was supposed to be. The last character looked like E, how is that a number 1? Now, should I start over? I enjoyed the art more than I thought I would, preferring realistic photographic scenes, and I enjoy the creator, and miss they used to make more games. I am pissed that Escape Games login procedure, if you want to comment while you're playing, loses game progress, and one clue in this game comes across so poorly.

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