Fantasy World Parrot Escape Game

Fantasy World Parrot Escape

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Behind the door in a strange settlement in the forest, there is a place no people would expect to find, but as the caretaker of it though Ramon keeps that door under lock and key for the place behind it is notorious for losing people and they will never be seen for again. But that day however, Ramon never thought he is going to venture in it, for his full-grown scarlet macaw accidentally went into the place for somehow the door was open! Ramon was absolutely mystified why he found the door open, but because his pet parrot there can really get lost in such a land and never return, he must go and get it.

The said place behind the door is a fantasy forest and from time to time, it is being engulfed by mist and that is the reason why people get lost in it. Even as a caretaker, Ramon doesn't know the place well and that's why he is not confident about this for he might not return as well. Escape players, Ramon might need some help here in both rescuing his parrot and escaping from there then. Will you help him out so he can investigate why the door was even open?

Fantasy World Parrot Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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