Fantasy Wild Escape Game

Fantasy Wild Escape

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You're enjoying your freedom in the forest so much that you start to run. You run so fast until you're running out of air. Then your legs begin to get tired and lose their power. You end up stumbling on a tree root and straight into a hole. In your mind, you wonder if this will be like Alice's adventure. But what if it's not. Still you can't do anything while you're falling. So you somehow try to enjoy it. Then you feel something soft underneath. You look around to find yourself on top of a pile of leaves. You slide down and look around the surroundings. It doesn't look like Alice's but it sure is still weird. You're having second thoughts if you should explore the place or wait a little more for some developments. However, you become bored with just watching the surroundings.

So you take your first step to the rest of your journey. It doesn't seem like the place for monsters to surprise you. Then again, you never know what can happen in this fantasy escape. It sure looks like it can be a hiding place for wild creatures blending in with the environment. Play Fantasy Wild Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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