Fantasy Underwater Seahorse Escape Game

Fantasy Underwater Seahorse Escape

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The oceans are one of the true treasures of the Earth and most are very beautiful, that's why Polo is protecting his area of beautiful corals with different kinds of colorful fish and to do his part of protecting the seas, he goes on dives occasionally to observe and because he can see changes quickly, he would know if something is wrong. He is already noticing the decline of the seahorses there and that can be the start of the eventual ruin of this place. At the moment, Polo is underwater once again checking and protecting the place as best as he can when he noticed something and finally he confirmed, someone is stealing wildlife here from this reef.

Polo found a man-made hidden contraption and inside it was a seahorse! This could be one of the causes of the seahorse's decline here, because these things have quite a price on the black market, people are taking risks by taking seahorses from protective reefs and this time they are now at Polo's reef. Polo is surely going to destroy that cage and free that seahorse, he must or there will be nothing left here. Escape players, care to join Polo under the sea and see if you can free that seahorse?

Fantasy Underwater Seahorse Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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