Fantasy Thanksgiving World Escape

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Check this escape from a world which looks out of this world. Fantasy Thanksgiving World Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape. Enjoy!

Agatha was spotting for wild turkeys in the forest for they were allowed to now. Way back when she was young, Agatha’s father taught her how to hunt wild game, and that’s why she is now proficient with hunting rifles and her aim. Thanksgiving was going to be tomorrow and Agatha must find one before the season closes again. As she slowly prowls in the forest, something different happened, suddenly the typical orange colors of the forest turned to a different hue, it was even enough to get her to lose her concentration and when she came to, she found herself in a different world! And she would not believe where she was.

The forest which she was in now was like out of a fairy tale fantasy book, for the vegetation are just weird and the colors were very peculiar. Okay, what now? Agatha had no idea what she’ll do next for this is the most weirdest thing that had happened to her in her life. Well escape players, got an idea of what you’ll do if something like this happens to you? Place yourself on Agatha then and good luck on this escape from a land which does not belong to this world. Good luck!