Fantasy Ruins Castle Escape

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The castle ruins here is said to be cursed and dangerous to venture into, but not everyone agrees with that and does not take heed of the warnings. Those are the rebellious ones and more often they get in serious trouble with their decisions or, they dodge small bullets through their life and face a really big one at the end. One of those people was Randy and he was definitely a daredevil. It’s too bad though he didn’t take into account the warnings that had been given to him, for as he went from room to room there in the really old place alone, his situation there spiraled quickly for the worst!

At first Randy was relaxed as he was checking the place out, but then he eventually wanted to get out of there for it seems that some dark figure is starting to follow him now and is getting him pretty uneasy. Eventually Randy got lost, this is the exact same thing he doesn’t want to happen, but well he took a risk didn’t he? Now he needs saving there for this adventure here could be his last and big bullet. Escape players, Randy needs help here now and hopefully he had repented for his actions and be more careful next time, well if there is a next time. Will you help him out and quickly before this dark and mysterious creature catches-up to him?

Fantasy Ruins Castle Escape is a brand new point and click old place escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Fantasy Ruins Castle Escape


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