Fantasy River Fall Forest Escape Game

Fantasy River Fall Forest Escape

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The forest filled with snaking rivers is experiencing fall now, even though it is not really noticeable to anyone and because the place doesn't really experience winter, Scott can see the subtle changes in the forest and he needs to be extra careful now for factors have changed and that includes light which was now reduced a few times a day. Still the forest is beautiful and because Scott doesn't have any other source to get the things that he needs except the forest, he needs to go through the place to hunt, to gather, and survive.

Scott is in the forest currently trying his best to be silent and calm, for wild game is scarcer now during this time of the year, that also pushed him deeper into the forest to get a catch. Scott lived in the forest for years now, but on the first-time ever when he ventured into an area he rarely goes to, he got lost and he was definitely concerned then! Scott is in a situation now which he had gone through at least a few times before, but not during this time and the situation is definitely different. Escape players, Scott needs to get himself out of there but because he was an expert, he'll be able to. But what about you escape players? Will you be able to get back home before dark? Place yourself on the shoes of Scott then and be ready for the forest's challenge.

Fantasy River Fall Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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