Fantasy Puzzle Forest Escape Game

Fantasy Puzzle Forest Escape

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The huge wilderness just beyond the mountains is a place not for everyone to venture into, for shamans and even condemned witches gets their powers there and for the entire archipelago, it is the only oasis for magic. Luther have known the place in years and have been trying his best how to get to the center of the place with only what he knows, for every time he tries there is always a force that would turn him back and he can't very well explain it. One day, he made a major break though for he finally made it and when he did, he is going to wish even just a little bit that he should have never.

Luther was able to see the beauty of the forest and strangely though, the foliage was blue and the mist was even so, everything was in a hue of blue there and it's absolutely amazing, well at first until, he got lost! Luther knew that this might happen while he was in the place, that's why he tried his best to record his tracks and now, it is time to use the clues which he had left so he can leave the place safely. Escape players, nobody knows what else are in this forest, that's why Luther needs to escape at least for now. Want to join him on this adventure?

Fantasy Puzzle Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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