Fantasy Princess Forest Escape

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This forest is not normal and people who lives near it knows that. As a hunter who frequents the place, Hank very much knows that for he  constantly encounters weird stuff in the said wilderness when he goes in there. But he is hardened now and he knows to just ignore some of it for the others can be a little lethal when one notices them. But that day though he found something and he was about to ignore it, but then he realized that he cannot.

Hank knows about the said royalty who lives in the forest here, they are magical in nature and uses their powers to protect the place. Hank thought he found one of them, for there was this princess in his midst and at the moment she seems to be trapped with some sort of force inside a big tree! Hank had never seen something like this before, he really wants to ignore for in the back of his mind he thought this might be a form of trap just for him. But this time though he is going to push further here just to see if this was indeed a trap, for what if it isn’t and there was really a princess here that needs saving? Escape players, Hank is going to go and give this situation a little poke, want to help with him here with this? For he really wants to help if this was legit.

Fantasy Princess Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Princess Forest Escape

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