Fantasy Peacock Escape Game

Fantasy Peacock Escape

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The enchanted forest is one of the last bastions of all that is earthbound and magical, there are more places around the world and just like the rest this place here is just as special. The forest is home to a very powerful being and one would not expect what it looks like, for it is most of the time in the form of a peacock. The fantasy peacock as the people living near the place calls it, is just one creature which has mystical powers and one of its sole purposes in that forest is to make it a haven for things like fairies, sprites, and other mythical creatures. This one girl who was really curious of the fantasy peacock and wanted to see it with her own eyes entered the forest, but that resulted in something disadvantageous though especially for her.

That girl was Cora and the first wrong thing that she did is going in alone in the forest just to fulfill her adventure in finding the treasure of the place that is the fantasy peacock, that's because after she got lost in the place, she couldn't get help from anybody! Seems like Cora here had became lost in a place not anyone wants to get lost into, care to join in on the escape here escape players with Cora and see if you can find the way back? Maybe the peacock can help you so, maybe you should find the very elusive being first.

Fantasy Peacock Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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