Fantasy Nightmare Christmas Escape

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Some parts of the Christmas forest had been lit-up with Christmas lights so to guide travelers and lead them to the safety of the nearby towns, but that day however even though the wilderness was fantastically beautiful, Dante is now considering it a nightmare for him being there for the cold is starting to get to his senses and as a result, he keeps seeing extra Christmas lights in the distance which he knows was just illusions but what if it isn’t?

Dante had suffered some injuries for a few miles back, he met with a sleigh accident and he unfortunately lost his entire sled-dog team. Only him survived and because the nearest town was this one that had Christmas lights guide to it, he followed that even though it was quite far. Dante is starting to succumb to the cold and the added thirst as well as the hunger, he needs to keep his senses up still so he can reach the town safely. Escape players, Dante obviously needs a desperate save here and surely he won’t make it without your help. Guide him through the snow filled wilderness now and even though it’s not easy to navigate through it thanks to the uneven ground, you still must continue to reach the town.

Fantasy Nightmare Christmas Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Nightmare Christmas Escape

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