Fantasy Monster Ochu Forest Escape Game

Fantasy Monster Ochu Forest Escape

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The entire land is covered with strange creatures and nobody should underestimate it for a lot of people have already lost their lives when they try to discover the place, well that's because it is a home for some mutated cactus-like vegetation which are mobile and can really chomp-off the life of someone! Those monsters are ochus and they are normal vegetation originally, but something mutated them into such creatures and that is what scientists and botanists are trying to figure out. Sonny wasn't a scientist nor a botanist, but he was sent there to capture one of them successfully and escape in one piece.

Sonny was an expert hunter though but even then it is still a challenge to get one, luckily his trap manage that! But then the other monster ochus realized this and they tired to chase Sonny down. They might be after their comrade who was in the hands of Sonny, well he mustn't let it go for he came for that and it took a lot of his strength to do. Sonny must escape now before more monster ochus comes. Escape players, come and join Sonny here as he escapes from the forest with his strange catch.

Fantasy Monster Ochu Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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