Fantasy Monster Escape Game

Fantasy Monster Escape

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Monsters are never in your fantasy. In fact, you never think of them. However, these monsters always want to involve themselves in every child's dream. You know for sure that you can never be friends with these monsters no matter how hard they try. They don't belong in your dream cloud but they still go in. Now, they are in your current dream and you want to get rid of them. They gave you a chance to get them out of your life. But first, you have to solve the puzzles that they made especially for you. You must expect that those puzzles are not easy. The good point is, there are clues that can help you to solve those hard puzzles. Even though this is just a dream, you still have to take this seriously because this is the only chance for you to have a sweet dream.

No more nightmares for you after you solve this huge puzzle so you have to do your best. Aside from the clues, you also have to collect items which you think can help you to escape from these creepy monsters. Fantasy Monster Escape a brand new outdoor escape game from Games 4 Escape. Best of luck!


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