Fantasy Mirror Out Escape Game

Fantasy Mirror Out Escape

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Come on over escape players and have fun in another adventure with us! Fantasy Mirror Out Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval wilderness escape game from WoW Escape. Enjoy with us daily.

There was this place called the fantasy forest which everyone living in every village near it avoids and doesn't talk about. The place had a lot of stories pertaining to it taking people, and they were never seen again. There are also weird lights and noises coming from it, those stories were enough to put people off and it's better that way. But for every place, there is at least one or more people that's a friend of curiosity, those kinds of people would not stop until they uncover the thing that makes them ponder. For a specific village, that was Corbin.

Corbin in his free-time would read and read until one day, he comes across the legends of the said forest, every person who would enter there would not go back no more, that got Corbin even more curious on his reading until, he found a way to enter there and come back safe. According to the story, there was this treasure which was a magical mirror hidden somewhere in that forest and that item was the only thing that can get anyone out of that wilderness. Escape players, you all know what's coming next, care to join Corbin here as he fulfills his curiosity by entering the fantasy forest and escape with the mirror in his possession? It's going to be very magical and weird, but if you choose to join in then good luck on this one!

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