Fantasy Lighting Forest Escape Game

Fantasy Lighting Forest Escape

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That day as Nick was gathering random stuff like herbs that he can use in the forest and if he ever spots wild game then he'll take that too. It was not a pretty good day at all for he is not really finding that much, that's why he decided as he moves around the area why not he'll enter the forest which was rumored to be a wilderness being haunted by strange things? Nick wanted to see it but he doubts he'll see the strange things for it does not show-up very often and only a few have really seen it. Still Nick pressed his luck for he still has time.

Nick enters the forest and at first it was normal, but he really wanted to see the so-called lights and strange things people kept talking about, so he pushed even further into the place and well he is in luck, for the strange yellow lights are there! Nick was absolutely in awe what he was seeing, he has no explanation what are those luminous things for he can't see it clearly due to the blinding light it emits. But as Nick comes to his senses though, one thing became clear then, he was now lost! Nick doesn't know where he is exactly and he has no idea where to pass! This is not good for he is too far from any settlement to get help now, and his fate is definitely on hands. Escape players, will you help Nate though just in case his fate is to be lost in the forest forever?

Fantasy Lighting Forest Escape is the newest point and click enchanted wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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