Fantasy Jungle Escape Game

Fantasy Jungle Escape

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The land is very hard to go into for it has some enchanted qualities and it never lets any people in, it's kind of like it is scanning the people first to see if they are worthy or not. Luckily, Julio was and he is only curious of the place and what the people are talking about it. Julio was able to enter and now he is currently traversing the path which was weirdly present, it looks like there are more worthy people here for if the place doesn't really allow anybody else then there shouldn't be a path at all. Well that path though was not really built to guide people, for when Julio went further into the place through it, that said path unfortunately shifted!

Julio knew that it shifted for it twisted to a different side which was suppose to be in the other! This could be one of those things that the people are talking about, now he is definitely lost and the only way out is to remain focus or this will become very worst. Escape players, come and check the escape adventure here with Julio from a place not always visited by people. Navigate back and not so quickly for you might push yourself deeper into the forest.

Fantasy Jungle Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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