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Fantasy Hunter Escape

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It is the hunting season. You are eager to join the hunting club but animals are not your target. You have a bigger picture in mind and the thing that you want to hunt is a fantasy creature. They say that fantasy creatures are not real so you are here to prove that they exist. So, you went to the forest with your hunting gear and patiently waited for something to show up. But seems like they are right. Maybe there are no fantasy creatures in this forest because you didn't see any. Because of that, you just decided to go home and rest. You walked out the forest but you realized that you lost the way out. There are so many paths in this place that you can follow and you don't know which way to go.

Thankfully, there are clues that can help you to find the right way out. In addition to that, there are also items in the forest that you can collect and use for your escape plan. You just have to use your logic to escape quickly. Fantasy Hunter Escape is a new outdoor escape game by Dressup 2 Girls. Good luck and have fun!

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