Fantasy Home Escape Game

Fantasy Home Escape

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You are now living in a house you can't easily afford, well 10 years ago and now due to hard-work and perseverance, you got what you dreamed for and that is a luxurious house! You had to wait for a year however as the place was being constructed, but now that it was  finished and the furniture have been set, the place is now livable and maybe with just a few arrangements and it'll definitely fit to your liking.

The next day came and it's the first day of your stay in the place, it's time to arrange more stuff for the house is big and room by room it's going to take less than a week. But as you started however, something happened and it seems that the finishing time of your task is going to be moved from less than a week to a week, or probably even more! For now there seems to be a problem with the doors and you are trapped! You have no idea what happened, the doors just locked by themselves and you can't do something about it no more, worst part about it too is that the only doors that are mysteriously locked are the exits of the house, that's why this looks like something else to you and it's not natural at all. Escape players, imagine yourself in the situation where you are trapped in your luxurious house which you had worked hard to get. Will you be able to escape from it without damaging anything?

Fantasy Home Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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