Fantasy Halloween Game

Fantasy Halloween

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Halloween is over but you still fantasize about it. It's you have a Halloween hangover. And because you are over thinking about it, it translated in your dream. This dream is the best Halloween dream that you can have. Your bucket is full of treats from the Trick or Treat. But not only that, you also won the Best In Costume award in the Halloween party. However, that fantasy has turned into a nightmare when the creepy Halloween creatures went out. They are not a part of your fantasy but they are here to celebrate with you. You have to escape from this Fantasy Halloween as soon as possible. However, there are puzzles that you have to solve before you can wake up from this nightmare. On the good note, there are clues that can help you to solve those puzzles.

However, those clues would mean nothing if you don't use your logic. So, you have to think about every puzzle that you will encounter. To solve those quickly, you have to gather objects which you think can help you out. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Mirchigames and escape from this Fantasy Halloween. Good luck and have fun!

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