Fantasy Halloween House Escape Game

Fantasy Halloween House Escape

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Fantasy Halloween House Escape is a brand new point and click scary indoor escape game from Big Escape Games for another daring escape from such a crazy place. Enjoy!

The big mansion is like count Dracula the vampire's home, for not only it has a lot of cobwebs and it looked abandoned, it is absolutely scary in there. Carl was not convinced on what the place really is, so he had come to prove it with data that nothing is really there except the old things and the old walls. Well the house has something to prove to him though and it's nothing that he had expected really.

Carl managed to enter the house and he was already looking around for any signs of what the people was saying, he had his first sign then and that was him not being able to escape the house for the exits are now locked and could not be opened! Carl is definitely seeing a waist-deep trouble here and upon realizing what was going-on, he doesn't want this problem to be neck-deep or even overhead-deep! Care to join-in with Carl here as he tries his best to escape from the really scary house? Go ahead then and good luck, escape from the scariness and have fun everyone!

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