Fantasy Emerald Treasure Escape Game

Fantasy Emerald Treasure Escape

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You had a lot of art supplies in your room and it had been weeks since you last used them. You missed mixing colors with your pastels and watercolors. So you gather your supplies and started to plan out your artwork. Most of the time, you couldn't finish your artwork because you felt like it wasn't good enough. No one was critiquing your work but it seemed like you didn't need one. You yourself had the highest standards and you somehow couldn't really appreciate your work. This was one of the reasons you stopped working on your art. But after a few weeks of absence of art in your life, you wanted to get back on it again. You decided to keep on going regardless of what you think or feel about the artwork you were making. And you wanted to keep this mindset until you were satisfied. 

You finished a picture of a Fantasy Emerald Forest. You looked at it and you were very satisfied with its emerald color. After a few minutes of looking at it, you felt good and at the same time tired. You went to your sofa to rest your back but you fell asleep and woke up inside the forest. Play Fantasy Emerald Treasure Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape. 

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