Fantasy Dream Land Escape

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You woke-up and found yourself lying on the softest grass in all the grasses you have laid upon, but that’s the weird part though, for you are suppose to wake-up in your bedroom and now it seems to be you are in some wilderness! You have no idea where you are and who brought you there, but as you tried to collect yourself however you noticed that this forest seems different, it doesn’t seem real for it is fuzzy, it’s ghostly even and you thought are you still dreaming? Maybe? But as you sat and thought of what you’ll do now however, there is only one way to potentially get some answers here, and that is to navigate the area and hope there is salvation at the edge of this place.

Escape players, you just woke-up in a forest which looked unreal and you have no idea how you even got there, you are potentially dreaming here and that’s the only logical explanation you can produce of why you are in the place. But will you be able to escape from this land though and if this is ever a dream, then wake-up from it?

Fantasy Dream Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Dream Land Escape

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