Fantasy Country House Escape Game

Fantasy Country House Escape
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It's night time. And instead of freaking out, you are actually excited. It's not every night you get to stay at some fantasy houses. So prepare your camera and set it to capture the best night scenes out there. However, your friend is really worrying. He keeps on asking you to go home. But you can't miss this opportunity. You live somewhere far from all these attractions. And turning your back at this is quite illogical. Yet your friend can't take it anymore and so he leaves you behind. The way he left got you thinking. Do you really want this? Somewhere in your mind, you hope you can follow your friend. But what he doesn't know is that you're tied to the place. A few hours back, you stepped on something that attached an invisible chain to you. You have been carrying it all around.

Waiting for nightfall to come is the best you can do. All the chains will only break lose if you find all the necessary items and solve all the puzzles. Then the way out will show itself to you. Will you successfully escape Fantasy Country House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games and explain yourself to your friend?

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