Fantasy Conch Beach Escape

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Ariel went to the beach for she is really fond of the ocean, it seems therapeutic to her and an adventure there was always relaxing. That day, she planned to collect conch shells for the beach is riddled with them, the beautiful ones she wishes to give to her friends who lives nowhere near the ocean when they come by her place. Ariel is pretty experienced of the beach area where she lives if she does says so herself, but as always there is a first time for anything, and that day Ariel is really going to experience something else.

Ariel was roaming around the place looking for shells and random stuff when at some point, she realize she is now mysteriously lost! Ariel doesn’t have an answer why she got lost, normally she knows the place but it seems that she doesn’t, for she won’t get lost if she does, or something else is happening here she could not explain? Escape players, the sun will be setting soon and that’s why Ariel is going to try and roam around to see familiar grounds so she can return home. Will you help her out and see if you can find the way back?

Fantasy Conch Beach Escape is a brand new point and click coastal area escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Conch Beach Escape

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