Fantasy Cave Escape

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“I hate Valentine’s Day!” You screamed at the top of your lungs as you watch numerous commercials regarding this day. You used to look forward for it. There was once a time in your life that almost everyday is a Valentine’s Day.  Love and sweetness filled your days. And it seemed like nothing can bring your happiness down. That is until your wedding day. You set the date of your wedding on the 14th of February to make the day more special. However, as everything were all set, your lover failed to arrive. You searched everywhere hoping someone could tell your lover’s location. But it seemed like he vanished without a trace. You spent the next few months going around various agencies to find your lover. But each yielded negative results. You continued to hurt until you became numb from it all.

Then every Valentine’s Day became a curse for you. It tore your heart into million pieces to remember how your love was lost on a day full of it. So each year, you find yourself a place where you can be far from all of the lovey-dovey things people do. This time you chose to enter a cave. However, you should’ve at least made sure you can get out. Play Fantasy Cave Escape outdoor escape game by Zooo Games.

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