Fantasy Cave Bat Escape Game

Fantasy Cave Bat Escape

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Fantasy Cave Bat Escape is a brand new point and click cave escape game released by WoW Escape for another dose of fun underground adventures with us. Have Fun!

The underground cave is absolutely a fantastic place and was definitely a wonder of the world, for ever since it was discovered which was a year ago, the place never seize to amaze and almost every week there's a new path being discovered. As one of the persons who discovered a path there, Bryan expects that he'll find prehistoric stuff like dinosaurs or dragons or something, but instead of finding such stuff and not only a new path there, an unfortunate thing came-up.

Bryan was pushing into an uncharted part of the cave when accidentally, he made a wrong turn and got himself in some new network which was very confusing and the end part of it, is that he got lost right there! This is not good for if anyone gets lost in the cave without the aid of the guide-line, then his or her chances to get out goes down pretty good. Bryan needs to focus here if he wants to get back out and not push himself deeper into the Earth, will he be able to make it out and safely? Escape players, you are very welcome to try the cave escape adventure here with Bryan, use your skills as well as your logic and good luck!

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