Fantasy Butterfly Fairy Escape Game

Fantasy Butterfly Fairy Escape

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Fantasy Butterfly Fairy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Big Escape Games. Enjoy a fun rescue adventure here in the magical forest!

The sorcerer who lives in the enchanted forest just let-loose another careless spell and it's one of those that affects the fairies near the area mainly. That sorcerer needs another lesson of straightening his activities and always use precaution when he does so, as one of those results, Reginald get to see his fairy friend got turned into a butterfly before his very eyes. Luckily, Reginald knows a spell that can turn back those fairies into fairies again, but because they are now butterflies, their brains got a little small and they are just fluttering aimlessly around the place.

Reginald doesn't know where his fairy friend went, he needs to find that fairy turned butterfly of a friend of his before it gets predated or something. Reginald already has his spell on-hand, but right-now he needs be able to find his friend among the plethora of butterflies there living in the forest? Escape players, you can join Reginald here as he finds his fairy friend before it gets dark, do so quickly for the wilderness can be spooky when the sun goes down. Good luck everyone!


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