Fantasy Bunny Easter Escape Game

Fantasy Bunny Easter Escape

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The last time you saw an Easter bunny, you were at a theme park. You badly wanted to have a photo with it. However, there were many people lining up and you didn't have much time. You only had a few hours to stay at the theme park every tick of the clock counted. So you thought of having a picture with it later before going home. The inside of the theme park was bustling. People were coming from all directions and wanting to get on every ride. Since you had a limited time, you tried to spot some free tickets you could use to get in front of the line. However, your attention was always swayed when you heard people enjoying in what they were doing. So your day passed going around and trying out the rides. After the grand closing, you went with the wave of people.

As you reached the exit, you looked back to have a picture with the bunny. But the bunny was no longer where it was. You thought they must have kept it already. Yet you saw some traces possibly from the bunny. You followed these and you found yourself in the forest and the bunny trapped. Play Fantasy Bunny Easter Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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