Fantasy Animals Forest Escape Game

Fantasy Animals Forest Escape

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You want to live in fantasy so you just keep on imagining things. However, you can be a prisoner of your own thoughts sometimes. You dreamt that you were walking in the forest with animals. However, the animals in this fantasy forest are not the usual animals that you can see in the zoo. These animals are special. You can see fantasy animals in here like the cute unicorns. But that's not the only thing that you can see in here. There are also vicious animals like dragons and beasts which can rip you off in just seconds. You have to find a way to escape from these Fantasy Animals Forest before it's too late. The thing is, you can't just escape as you wish. You have to solve all the puzzles in the forest before you can escape.

These animals mutate every minute so you have to escape as fast as you can. Find clues around the forest that can help you to solve all the puzzles. But most importantly, use your logic to make this escape successful. Fantasy Animals Forest Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!


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