Fantastic Suite Escape

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As a staff there in the luxurious suites, Sheila can very much confirm that the place can be a little bit of a puzzling maze and that’s from personal experience and customer feedback. Still Sheila helps her renters very well for customer service must be top-notch here because it is a pricey and a luxurious place. That day, there was a new renter and that person was Carla. She seems to be a woman of taste and as she looked, she demands satisfaction, which Sheila will of course definitely provide there. Everything was fine as Carla is there in her place now, but as Sheila slightly expected Carla called for her for help.

Carla was trapped in the maze-like rooms and it’s definitely as the same as the other tenants’ problems. Of course Sheila was going to help for this is a place of high quality and she should give aid to their customers there. It seems that Sheila is going to face this recurring problem from time to time now, for the place is so grand it’s so big! And the renters will sometimes have a difficult time in the rooms and fixing that is kind of impossible, for that would mean reduction of the spaces in the spacious rooms which the owner is not approve of. Escape players, will you just help Carla there then so she’ll be able to familiarize her room so she won’t get in trouble there again? Play as Sheila then and do your best to help.

Fantastic Suite Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fantastic Suite Escape

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