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Fantastic Fantasy 2
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You found yourself in this fantasy world after touching a whimsical painting on the Fairy Tale Village. You thought it was just an ordinary painting. Although you wondered why you never saw it in the pictures posted online. You thought it was a new addition and to be the first to have a picture with it was thrilling. Your friends went off to different directions and you didn't have anyone to ask to take a photo of you. Just then, a guy appeared out of the corner of the street. He looked friendly so you asked him to do you a favor. He looked at you for at least a minute. It seemed like he was trying to remember your face or name or something. Then he blinked and received the camera. He told you where to stand and what to hold to achieve the 3D effect.

As soon as you placed your hand on the wall, you were transported to a new world. And you'd been struggling to escape it. But you haven't lost all your hope yet. Your brain is still working properly and you can still manipulate things to get you out of here. Play Fantastic Fantasy 2 outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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