Fantasia Escape

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“Fantasia! I’m finally home!” You shout in delight as you can see the name on the bark of the tree. Only creatures who live in Fantasia can see the sign. It’s made like that so no intruders can get in. As you’re preparing to enter the place, you look back at the times you’ve been there. When you were little, you used to run around the gardens and play with the butterflies. It amazes you how humans can see butterflies as insects when you see them as beautiful fairies in disguise. You’re a cross between a fairy and a human. Your abilities are from your mom while your features are from your dad. However, you recently discovered you can be both. But for today, you want to be in human form when you meet your family. You can easily avoid some awkward hugs through this.

You’re now facing the entrance and you chanted the magic words. The bark opens up and you step inside. You’re waiting for a wonderful welcome. But what welcomes you are the strange creatures that are out of place. So you instantly look for your mom and dad. However, they’re nowhere. You want to get out and ask what’s happening to your neighboring community, but you can’t. Play Fantasia Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.