Fancy Twist Home Escape Game

Fancy Twist Home Escape

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Fancy Twist Home Escape is point 'n click game from The Escape Games. Imagine in this game you are a writer who had been working at home for months on a new book which could revolutionize the concept of book. You decided to write about the problems in your society in your country, about the government that how could it destroy the life of innocent people who were against their power. This subject was avoided by the writer because all of them had been afraid of the consequences before, but you decided to take on the responsibility at all cost. One day you were working in your bedroom when you heared somebody fumbling outside. You peered out through the window and glanced a man armed with a machine gun. He was probably sent by the government in order to terminate you along with your book. You wanted to flee away through the emergency exit but appallingly found it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out unharmed. Have fun!



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