Falsely Werewolf Escape

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The wolf clan living in the wilderness have been at war for generations against the village they are living just close by. Their people hurt them and as a result they also hurt the other, that only created more violence and the never ending cycle continues up to the present day. As a young member of the wolf clan, Enoch is expected to carry on their family tradition of protecting the pack at all cost and also if they are being oppressed, they must not hesitate to fight back. Enoch however had different views, for as young as he is he already sees that the said tradition will only create further division as well as bitterness and if they don’t stop that, the uneasiness on both sides will only pass on to future generations. But what can Enoch do now? He is just a pup. Well he did something very prohibited to them though, and that is secretly befriending a human kid who was living in the village they greatly hate!

For months the two had really gotten well in their friendship, but they only always play in a secluded part in the forest though to avoid detection from both sides. One night, Enoch decided to follow his friend back to the village for he’d like to see their place, a thing that his friend doesn’t even recommend for he could get in danger, well he did unfortunately and the result was definitely not good. Escape players, some trouble happened to Enoch and he is lucky that his friend quickly realized this, but he is going to need some help here though and quickly too before a villager sees them. Will you help him on this everybody so that Enoch can safely return home?

Falsely Werewolf Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.