Falling Water House Escape Game

Falling Water House Escape

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The land is so cliche. You're always walking on land, you ride vehicles on land, you eat things that grow on land. Almost everything around you is from the land. You were given the chance to travel and stay in a place you've never been to. So you chose the water. Then your friend offered you options to choose from. The other pictures were so ordinary looking. But one picture caught your attention. It was a house near a water fall. You have seen the movie "Up" where the house was placed on Paradise Falls. You want the same thing but with the waterfall on your backyard. Now you have the chance to live that dream. You arranged everything. And you just have to get there to enjoy the place. You plan to write about the place so you should be able to explore all of it.

When you arrived at the place, you can instantly feel the fresh air blowing on your face. You can also hear the water falling somewhere. You can already see yourself enjoying your sweet time with the waterfalls. Your friends left you to have your "me-time". You heard the cars moving away when you forgot to tell them something. However, when you opened your doors, you can't. Falling Water House Escape is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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