Falling Down House Escape Game

Falling Down House Escape

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After ten years of saving your bonuses and cash gifts, you were able to buy your self a house. Although it may look like an ordinary house, it is far from being one. Your house is full of expensive pets given to you by your cousin. He breeds them and for someone who loves animals, it's such a great treat to receive them. However, this makes your house prone to thieves. You have no problem with sharing. But some people still thinks you're greedy because you won't give in to their pleads. And from friends, they become your enemies. You don't want to have any bad relationship with them. So you just stay away from them. However, they're making their presence known by pulling off some pranks on you. Some are friendly. But others can be dangerous if you don't know how to handle them.

This makes you worry so you build your door super strong and unusual. Your door has puzzles that serves as locks. It recognizes your fingerprint and you always choose to let it remember the solutions until you forgot them. On days when there's trouble with the electricity, you need to enter the solutions manually to get it and out. Will you be able to succeed? Play Falling Down House Escape room escape games by Avm Games.

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