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Fairy Escape

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The fairies you met while you were still an infant became your best friends. People always saw you being alone. What they didn't know was you were actually having a grand time with the fairies. They always like being in the city and watching what people were doing there. You feared someone might discover them and take them away from you. But they were very good at hiding themselves. So you became more confident to hang out with them in public. However, just like real friends, you also had your share of misunderstandings. Your thoughts could greatly affect them. You always tend to be careful with what you think about them as your thoughts were very powerful. Yet when the person you liked found you weird because of them, you wished they were somewhere away from you out of anger. Instantly, they disappeared.

You didn't notice it at first. But after numerous tries to get in contact with them with no response, you began to worry. You closed your eyes and tried to locate them. Fortunately, they understood you and immediately the fairies gave you their location. Now you just have to free them one by one. Play Fairy Escape outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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