Fairy Escape From Fantasy Forest Game

Fairy Escape From Fantasy Forest

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The fantasy forest is a hidden land and not everybody can see it, for when they are in it well they wouldn't know for the place is hidden from people's eyes. Garret was lucky that he was able to see it and now he frequents the place for it is a sight not everybody can see. One day, Garret was in the place for he had nothing to do and the forest just helps him breathe. But at some point however, he received a message from the ether that a fairy needs help there!

It was a strange message and Garret is seriously thinking about what he needs to do for he had never experience something like this before, eventually he accepted the mission by rescuing the fairy wherever she is and that's the first part, finding the location and then he can do that rescue. Garret is not about to fail this one for it might be that the entire forest will be at risk if he doesn't make it. Escape players, want to join Garret here on this mission to the depths of the enchanted forest?

Fairy Escape From Fantasy Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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