Fairy Cat Escape Game

Fairy Cat Escape

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Fairy Cat Escape is a brand new point and click mythical animal rescue escape game released by Amgel Escape for more dose of fun with us daily. Have Fun!

The witch who guards the forest 24/7 365 is pretty distracted that day, for her beloved pet which was a fairy cat just went missing and she is really having a hard-time trying to find it. Al who lives in a small house near the witch's forest, doesn't want to see her like that for lately she is not in the mood and as a result, she sometimes terrorizes people who passes-by her forest and if she keeps that up, she might end-up being burned on the steak!

The witch was kind of spoiled or something, for even when she is kind to all animals and the people, she can be a bit of a jerk if she doesn't get what she wants. Al got tired of that one day and he decided he'll just help the witch with her problem before she does something worst with her powers. Escape players, Al doesn't quite remember what the fairy cat looks like, but he thought he'll recognize it if he sees it. Come and join Al here everyone, let us all find that cat and give it back to the witch. Good luck and be careful!


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