Fair Vintage House Escape

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Henry was told to stay in the garden only of the luxurious grand house as his parents talk to the owner who was a Duke. Though it was wrong to leave a kid anywhere, they were assured that the place was safe. Well it was indeed, but Henry was kind of adventurous so he brought the trouble to him. As he was roaming around the area, he came to find that the door of the grand abode open, so he entered it and ventured around the place. Because the halls were moving from this to there, he immediately got lost!

Henry is still quite calm though, but he cannot deny that his concerns are climbing a bit from time to time. He took it into account as well that he might not be able to escape easily here, for the place is hiding who knows what treasures in there, so this place might be designed to get people lost in there especially if they have bad intentions, Henry just happened to get mixed-up with that. Escape players, want to help Henry here escape the house and carefully too so nothing more expensive than his house breaks in there? Enjoy the premises then and careful not to get lost even more.

Fair Vintage House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Fair Vintage House Escape


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