Factory Outlet Door Escape Game

Factory Outlet Door Escape

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The factory is slowly being vacated for a new complex had been created and a ton of men specifically tasked for moving equipment are going back and forth from the old to the new complex and it had already been going-on for a week now, still the operation is only half of everything and as one of the movers-men there, Dominic thought will this ever come to an end? Well it's necessary to move the old equipment for almost a lot of such are still usable and very expensive. That day, Dominic was in the basement locker rooms for he was tasked to remove some equipment there and he feels quite unnerved for he was the only person there in the underground area, that's because the rest of the personnel are in different areas except under the ground level.

Dominic first took some tools that he can carry easily so that there won't be any obstructions as he moves heavier equipment to the main hall, the room he was clearing was going empty halfway slowly and Dominic is starting to feel relieved as he does so, but guess problems always pops-up in the most inconvenient of times, for when he was about to get out of the room there, he discovered he could not open the doors and of course then he couldn't get out of there! Dominic already tried calling for help and attempted radio contact, but nobody would respond to him and his radio only relays static. Escape players, how will you escape from there if you are faced with the same problem as Dominic? Come and test your skills here then with us!

Factory Outlet Door Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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