Fabulous Apartment Room Escape Game

Fabulous Apartment Room Escape

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Wilson got a new room at the high-rise apartment in the city and the view from his window is absolutely spectacular! His room is not really too luxurious, but it is very favorable for him that it has the functions and designs that he likes. It's a good thing he got this idea of getting a place there, now he can relax himself by looking outside the window every time he comes home from work. But that day however, his room somehow acted a bit strange and it seems to be not allowing him to go to work! Well that's just an idea, for the doors in Wilson's room would not open no more and it's very mysterious.

Wilson wanted to complain that instant for he wanted to let the management know what's happening so it can then be fixed quickly, but as he tried to make a call however, his phone was dead and the landline in the place as well! Looks like something serious is happening here and it is not letting him out of the room. Well then, he is on his own but of course he won't be put down as something like this especially in a place he likes. Escape players, come and play as Wilson here and see if you can escape from his locked apartment room.

Fabulous Apartment Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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