Extant House Escape

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You were watching your favorite movie when a strong wind passed by. You thought that it’s just an ordinary strong wind but when you looked outside, you knew that it’s not just a strong wind. It was a hurricane that passed by your city. You are so lucky that your house survived from that massive hurricane. You rushed to your door to check out what happened outside but the door won’t open. The hurricane broke your door. It was a pandemonium outside. You tried to contact your family to know it they are okay but there’s no phone signal in the whole area. It made you want to get out of your house faster. You screamed for help but everyone is busy saving their own lives.

You have to find a way to escape from your extant house on your own. Grab items from your house that you can use to escape. The whole thing became a big puzzle that you need to solve. There are clues that you can find and it can help you to escape from the house. Extant House Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by Eight Games. Good luck and have fun!