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Explorer is a brand new point and click old complex escape game released by First Escape Games. Have Fun finding your way out of here from a creepy abandoned building!

As an explorer, Gil does adventures in abandoned places all around the world, he makes it as a part-time living too for the footage he captures he presents to his viewers in his channel. Gil doesn't really remember how much abandoned structures he had ever been to since his first travels, but on his current one however he thought this will definitely become memorable for the place he was venturing into was an old hospital for the mentally ill.

He knows how much anguish the place have been receiving ever since from patients who are confused and have impairment regarding their thoughts, that's why Gil decided to go in such a place for what he can find might become interesting for everyone. Everything was cool as he makes his way through the halls alone and armed with a bunch of cameras as well as lights, but something happened to him there unfortunately but it wasn't sudden, it was slow and gradual until, he realized he is lost in the complex halls of the place! The last thing he wants to do now is panic, but it's going to be hard to keep that up, escape players why don't you come and check this out too with Gil, find your way out of the building and do so carefully. Good luck!

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