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Explorer 04

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Come join us on this exploring escape series. Explorer 04 is another new point and click abandoned complex escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is also a part of the first game as the beginning of the series. Good luck!

Here we go again escape players, in the previous adventure Dylan was able to escape the old oil refinery where he ventured into and got lost. But the world doesn't ran-out of adventures and this time, we are inside an abandoned resort hall and the thing was bigger than standard. Alistair just lives very close to that resort and because he was curious of the place, he decided to go around the grounds and maybe enjoy the sunset at the coast later. But we're afraid he can't enjoy that for because he entered in one of the place's halls which was rickety and could collapse any moment, as an ultimate result of that he got trapped in there!

Alistair was avoiding some paths in the building for some can really bring him down to ground-floor when he makes a bad step, well he still got in-trouble though eventually cornering him in an area of the hall. Escape players, here we go again on this 4th sequel of this exploring series. Care to join Alistair here who was with a problem and see if you can solve that? Go ahead then and may your skills and logic work. Have fun!

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