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Exploits 02

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Exploits 02 is the newest point and click abandoned place escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel. Have fun!

In the previous game, general Hart was to rescue the princess who have just broke-free from the convoy of civilians so she can join the battle, that's uncalled for and hopefully he had made the rescue successful. Now on this escape adventure here, we traveled further in time and in a different era where technology is already present, there was this old and dilapidated building which holds secrets and through the years nobody had ever discover this mysterious secret, eventually it was forgotten. The place was even made as a home of someone and even he was unsuspecting of the secret until he died. That's where one day Kean decided to scratch-out the abandoned place from his list of mysterious places to visit, he successfully got there easily without snags along the way but unfortunately, the snag was actually in the middle of the adventure.

That snag was almost literal, for in his search for answers there he got confused of the rooms and now he is lost in the eerie place! Escape players, Kean must not continue on his adventure for his safety could be at a higher risk now that he is experiencing a problem, but he must continue in finding the way out though for it is a must. Join in the escape here with Kean everyone, good luck!

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